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Jesus Chrysler – The Video Game

Check it out – Jesus Chrysler has its own video game: Save a Pinko!

Inspired by the time Eugenia “Jim” Watts’ spent as an ambulance driver during the Spanish Civil War, the game has seven levels of increasing difficulty as you pick up wounded comrades (pinkos), which earns you points while you avoid fascist soldiers, their bullets and boulders.

Save a Pinko is created by Dames Making Games co-coordinator @cecilycarver, who also created the Ride The Cyclone game.

Cecily got her start making games through The Difference Engine Initiative, which “aims to diversify what kind of videogames are made” by “introducing new gamemakers from under-represented groups”.

What is your high score? Can you finish Save a Pinko? Only Cecily has completed the game so far, so it is difficult to complete but it is possible…

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  1. Michael Wheeler says:

    Came very close to finishing final level seven, but haven’t quite conquered it yet. Have topped Tommy Taylor’s tweeted high score of 690 in a failing effort however. Using up and sideways keys to move on diagonal is definitely a key strategy for success, especially on the final level.

  2. Aislinn Rose says:

    We have a new high score! One of our Tim Buck 2 comrades, Andrew Zadel, has beaten the game with a high score of 1000! He called the final level “insane”. Screen shot can be see on the Praxis Facebook Page