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Date: 2007 August

August 13, 2007, by

Here’s a quick link to an interesting post at Mr. Excitement News on script submission guidelines for smaller theatre companies. Check it out here.

Further questions:
Do most small theatre companies have firm script submission guidelines? What works? What doesn’t? Any tips?


More further questions:
What works for playwrights? How do you prefer to send your scripts (email or hard copy via snail mail)? Do playwrights prefer sending PDFs or Word documents? What is the minimum response you expect from the theatre company? Other than having the company produce a full production of your script, are there any secondary benefits a playwright can hope for when submitting a script (workshop, reading, feedback, etc.)?

August 9, 2007, by

George Hunka over at Superfluities started this great project back in March ’07 . . . and finished it a couple of days ago.

A sampling:

20. In taking into the theatre the languages of mass culture, of advertising and marketing, we prove we have fallen in love with our screens.

30. The language of the stage must lose its stammer.

69. The typical member of the community does not throw the first stone; but he eventually reveals his ego, if not his self; he throws the fifth or sixth, then gleefully jumps around, telling everyone that he was the first.

Click here to read all of Hunka’s 95 sentences about theatre. (Thank you to Isaac Butler and Matt Freeman for the head’s up.)