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You Should Have Stayed Home

You Should Have Stayed Home is based on Tommy Taylor’s note posted to Facebook after his arrest and detention at the infamous Toronto G20 Summit in 2010, along with his girlfriend Kate. The note went viral and has been translated into 7 languages and appeared in 21 countries – a detailed, frightening and often funny account of the largest mass arrest in Canadian history.

Globe and Mail Theatre critic Kelly Nestruck had this to tweet about You Should Have Stayed Home

Tommy’s story of arrest without charge and 24-hour detainment in a cage has been covered by national and international media . One year later, he partnered with Praxis Theatre and The Original Norwegian to transform his note into a piece of theatre: A one-man play that includes a 12-minute scene with 26 performers when the action arrives at a cell in the Eastern Avenue Detention Centre.

At the 2011 Summerworks Festival You Should Have Stayed Home

  • Was one of the top grossing shows of the festival selling out the Theatre Centre multiple times.

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