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Are people ready to party with Praxis?

We are two days away from Praxis Theatre Occupies Bay Street, a fundraising party to support Jesus Chrysler, our new play by Native Earth Artistic Director Tara Beagan about two of Toronto’s original social justice arts activists.

Our 1930s-themed, open-bar, live art, performance and music soiree is shaping up to be the most memorable Praxis Party so far. Email to reserve your sliding scale $50-$75 ticket today while they are still available.

761 Bay Street on Friday November 4th from 6:30pm to 10pm.

Who wants to hit the open bar with Jim Watts? Photo by Will O'Hare

Artwork created on the spot to be auctioned off by:

Paul ‘SnowyOwl‘ Aloisi

Adrian ‘Sawtay‘ Hayles

Shira ‘Your Process is Showing‘ Leuchter

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