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March 14, 2011, by

Laura Nordin has been involved in a lot of projects with Praxis Theatre over the years with roles in The Master and Margarita, Dyad, and Stranger, as well as assistant director of all our various performances that have resulted in Jesus Chrysler.

Not content with just creating independent artist driven theatre, she is also a core member of this independent film coop which is shooting scenes from a television show she is considering creating.  Additionally – today is her birthday.

Way to hustle and Happy Birthday Laura Nordin!

January 26, 2011, by

Margaret Evans as Jim Watts. Photo by Julien Lafleur courtesy of LabCab


Jesus Chrysler

by Tara Beagan

February 16 -19 2011 @ 9pm

at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre as part of the 32nd Rhubarb Festival

performed by Margaret Evans, Christine Horne and Keith Barker

directed by Michael Wheeler

produced by Aislinn Rose

sound and lighting design by Verne Good

costume design by Scott Penner

asst. directed by Laura Nordin

stage management by Rebecca Powell

Jesus Chrysler at Rhubarb is the fourth stage of development of an evolving work centered on legendary Toronto activist and director Eugenia “Jim” Watts.

Click here to learn about our earlier iterations of this project at The Toronto Fringe, HATCH: emerging performance projects and LabCab.