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March 31, 2009, by

PCC Toronto asks the question: “What has changed?”

The Images Festival, Harbourfront Centre, Small Wooden Shoe, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, The Theatre Centre, Dancemakers, and SummerWorks Festival come together to host the 11th meeting of the Performance Creation Canada Network.


Performance Creation Canada (PCC) is a nationwide network dedicated to the nourishment, management and study of performance creation in Canada, and the ecology in which it flourishes. The meeting is aimed at creating a discussion between artists in dance, theatre, music, film, and visual arts who are interested in the well being of Canadian performance creation. The conference is designed to open conversation, and open minds.

This year PCC meets in Toronto April 2nd-5th.

Click here to read their dedicated blog with all the juicy details.

2009 Keynote Speaker: Jillian Mcdonald

Scheduled Panelists/Moderators include: David Michael DiGregorio, John Jameel Farah, Oliver Husain, Sung Hwan Kim, Jillian Mcdonald, Darren O’Donnell, Beatriz Pizano, Helena Reckitt, Julia Rudelius, Sarah Stanley, Small Wooden Shoe, Evan Webber and Carl Wilson