Praxis Theatre is currently on hiatus! Please find co-founders Aislinn Rose and Michael Wheeler at The Theatre Centre and SpiderWebShow, respectively.
November 16, 2008, by

The Duke of Praxis

Cheers to everyone who braved the first truly terrible weather of the season in Toronto to join Praxis Theatre at the Duke of York on Saturday night. There was a great turnout, it was a good time, and there are pictures to prove it.

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  1. Michael Wheeler says:

    I recognize that this post could be interpreted as though Chris Stanton, captured in top first picture, is in fact The Duke of Praxis. This was unintentional, but it would be cool if it were true.

  2. Alison says:

    I believe Chris Stanton IS the Duke of Praxis and nothing you say to me will convince me it isn’t so.

  3. Michael Wheeler says:

    Fine. But the first rule of being the Duke of Praxis is you must be holding three adult beverages at all times. No exceptions.

  4. Courtney says:

    I thought that guys Obama shirt was super cool all night. Instead of telling him so I just stared at it like a drunkard. Props on the shirt and sorry for the delayed reaction. Haha.