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February 18, 2009, by

Matthew Jocelyn picked to run Canadian Stage Company

Time to find something new to gossip/speculate aimlessly about. After an exhaustive search, Matthew Jocelyn was announced this morning as Artistic and General Director of Canadian Stage Company.

Was this the right pick? This was not one of the old guard names that had been thrown around ad nauseum over the past few weeks. On the surface though, a born and bred Torontonian who is bilingual and has significant international accomplishments under his belt seems just about right. Care to disagree?

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  1. Michael Wheeler says:

    Reading the press this morning, Mr. Jocelyn seems like a really great pick. I doubt we will see Shirley Valentine or Little Shop of Horrors anytime soon, and remakes of Stephen King stories will likely be limited to the four excellent novellas from Different Seasons.

    Also, I admittedly have a soft spot for tallish moderately experimental directors who grew up in the Beach(es).

  2. MK Piatkowski says:

    I’m really excited about this too. I think it’s great that it’s someone who isn’t entrenched here and will have an outsider’s perspective. And yes, we will be seeing more innovative work, which bodes well for the innovators working in the city.