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July 8, 2009, by

July 8th Tim Buck 2 Performance: The NEAs win – this time by a hair.

thumbs down

YEA: 32

NEA: 38


Were you at this performance? Let us know your thoughts and feedback. Hopefully this is the first stage of development for this project and we’d like to know what you thought.

Uncertain what this is all about?

 Come check out Tim Buck 2 at the Toronto Fringe Festival to learn more.

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  1. michael says:

    Changing the format of the debate totally paid off tonight, asking the audience to vote based on who won as opposed to their beliefs or politics. The YEASs almost pulled this one off as the Government presented some compelling arguments including an impressive Crazy Eights analogy.

  2. Michael Murphy says:

    Great that the suggestion was incorporated into subsequent performances. Hope the run’s going well. I’m surprised there aren’t more comments coming through the doors. Are traffic numbers to the site spiking?

    Also, getting back to a discussion we had on the blog a while back about trailers for theatre. I’ve shot and cut two different web featurettes for Soulpepper. A trailer for Loot and an interview are online for Of the Fields, Lately. I’d be interested to hear more feedback about which is more successful on a number of different levels: which works better as a marketing tool? as an informative document about the piece? as an item to generate interest in the company’s ongoing work?

  3. michael says:

    Hi Michael,

    One of the last things Ian Mackenzie explained to me before handing over this here blog in the fall was that it was rather gauche to discuss traffic publicly so I will say only this:

    The best numbers we have had in sometime were when I got home from the Doras fairly smashed but competent enough to post the results in the indie category. Damn near everyone who wasn’t there and cared woke up and googled “Dora Winner 2009” the next morning and traffic went through the roof.

    Btw. yes, I am very pleased that interaction on the site has been incorporated in the show AND it has helped improve the show. It’s not just a gimmick, it’s actually just helpful and previously (before the interweb) impossible.

  4. michael says:

    Okay, the videos. What do I know? I’m just a guy with an opinion, but they’re all pretty good and are certainly more polished. They are different lengths and topics so you can use different videos for different purposes: The LLoot trailer to sell tickets to Loot, the Soulpepper in schools video to promote the benefit of the company to the community, etc.

    I think the one thing that could be changed is having the videos embedded as YouTube clips. As long as they remain private videos stuck on the Soulpepper site they have no chance of being viral or reposted by other people. This means the only people who see them are folks who have already decided to come to the website and click on the videos tab. Those folks are likely to see the benefit of Soulpepper and buy tickets already.

    Anyhow, they are very good videos, which is even more impressive when you consider this video

  5. Michael Murphy says:

    I finally remembered to check back here to follow up on my comments.

    We have posted the videos to YouTube, but to no one’s surprise they haven’t gone viral by any means. The hit counts we’ve received on the site far outweigh the youtube views.

    (P.S. Not to disparage the other videos on the site, but I’m only to blame for the recent ones)

  6. michael says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the update Michael. How does one find the Youtube versions? Just by googling? We’re going to have more Soulpepper and YouTube marketing related content in the weeks ahead so stay tuned!