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And now a message from The Indie Caucus

The Indie Caucus

Invites any and all interested parties to:

 Canadian Actors’ Equity Association Town Hall #3

Indie Caucus Candidates Revealed!

Thursday August 13th, 7:00pm @ The Theatre Centre

This is the first Town Hall since the historic 96-1 vote at the CAEA 2009 AGM to better represent the needs of member/creators. 

This Town Hall is being held during the SummerWorks Festival at The Theatre Centre to reach as many independent theatre creators as possible with the latest exciting developments in how professional associations are adapting to modern creation practices. 

This Town Hall will present:

  • The names of the two indie caucus candidates who will be running for CAEA Council and the two candidates who will be running for CAEA Ontario CPAG in this fall’s CAEA election. Some of them will also be present at the meeting to announce their platforms.
  • What the heck a CPAG is.
  • Important information regarding why the ITA agreement has just been extended for a single year.
  • Equally important information about a new Fringe/SummerWorks Contract that is currently being drafted by CAEA.
  • An update on what steps CAEA has made to fulfill the mandate set forth in the 96-1 vote for reform at the previous AGM.

This is a key moment in how the agreements we use to make art together will develop over the next decade. Come learn more this week and save yourself ten years of banging your head on the wall!

Want to know more?  Check out the Facebook Page:  Artists for a new CAEA Indie Agreement

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  1. Michael says:

    The following message and links were distributed by The Indie Caucus to keep all members of the theatre community following the Town Hall #3:

    SUBJECT: Update on last night’s Town Hall meeting – two letters for you to consider…

    The following can also be found in the”Recent News” section of the Facebook group. Please share this information with CAEA members and other artists who are not on Facebook.

    Remember, whether you are on Facebook or not, anyone can access the group page by clicking on:

    Thank you to everyone who came out to Town Hall #3 last night. It was an extremely positive and invigorating meeting.

    Below are two Google Document links to the letters that were handed out at the Town hall last night. Both are for CAEA members to send to the National Office at:

    44 Victoria Street, 12th floor Toronto, ON M5C 3C4

    The first is a protest letter that expresses frustration with the fact that CAEA has begun drafting a new “festival waiver” for events like the Fringe and SummerWorks without consulting the members who will be using such a waiver. Despite the members resolution which passed 96-1 at the AGM on February 23rd 2009 (and was adopted by Council on March 30th)that demanded consultation with the membership on issues like this, no consultation has been attempted. This letter can be printed, signed and sent to the CAEA office immediately.

    The second letter is a “Lobby Letter”, a template for CAEA members if and when they find themselves in an adversarial situation with CAEA over a small, artist-driven, low-budget independent theatre production. All CAEA members involved in a given production can send a version of this this letter to CAEA with a paragraph detailing your company’s specific circumstances. It is vital that members let CAEA know when they are unhappy with how their Association is treating small, artist-driven companies, and how CAEA can better serve you, the artist, when working on such a production. This letter can be printed, adapted for each company’s circumstance, and mailed to CAEA when necessary.

    Thanks again to everyone who came to the Town Hall last night, and please share these letters among your colleagues. They are both templates, so feel free to make any additions you deem necessary.

    Also it was announced last night which Indie Caucus members will be running in the CAEA elections this year:

    Chris Hanratty and Richard Lee will be running for CAEA Ontario Council.

    Aaron Willis and Mark Brownell will be running for Ontario CPAG (Council Policy Advisory Group).

    Ballots will be mailed out September 14th, and results announced on October 30th. Please send your votes in!