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October 28, 2009, by
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Grey Relay Day

grey square

BC artists have been busy organizing since provincial government announced draconian 90% cuts to arts funding in their recent budget. Much of the action has centered around the theme of a grey square, which through repetition has gained a significant amount of traction as a meme in the media.

Today in Vancouver this theme will be taken to the next level with The Grey Relay. More specific instructions have been provided to confirmed participants, but the general jist provided on the event’s Facebook Page is this:

*** The Grey Square Grand Plan ***

A minimum of 16 people, dressed in GREY, walk single file SILENTLY and make a grey square SILENTLY on a city corner.
Someone in that group will be designated timekeeper.
After 15 minutes, led by the timekeeper, they walk single file to another city corner and make another square.
This goes on all day, all around the city.
People can be funneled in and out once the route and times are ascertained.

We need: people to form grey squares; volunteers to hand out leaflets; volunteers for communication and organization tasks.

This is not a protest. This is about art and artists taking their space.”

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