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September 29, 2010, by
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Today is ArtsVote debate day

debate drawing

Things you should know about today’s Toronto Mayoral candidate debate:

* All the major contenders have confirmed. The debate will be moderated by Jim Fleck.

* Read this excellent backgrounder on the event by Torontoist Senior Editor Hamutal Dotan.

* Arrive at The Art Gallery of Ontario early: Doors open at 5pm, the debate starts at 6pm, it finishes at 7:30pm.

* If you can’t get in because it’s packed – head to OCAD room 230 where they will be livestreaming the debate.

* Bring your friends. Turnout for the debate will indicate, in some broad  way, support for arts and culture in the city.

* Post-debate drinks are at Sin and Redemption across the street on McCaul.

* If you can’t make it at all, Torontoist is livestreaming the debate live on their website.

* Do not attack the Borg. Shooting (or insulting) the Borg only makes them stronger.

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  1. Michael says:

    Of course the only way to defeat the Borg is to re-trigger the sleep cycle in the collective.