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May 2, 2011, by

Everything you need to know on E-Day: National Edition

Image by Adam Scotti licensed under Creative Commons

by Aislinn Rose

“Everything a voter should know” can be accessed here on the Elections Canada website, but I’ve broken it down into a few of the more significant categories below for you. Elections Canada has put out a warning telling voters not to trust any information about voting from any other source after some voters have been deliberately misled, so all of the voter info links I have provided will take you directly to pages on their site.

Do you know what riding you live in?

Click here to search for your riding via your postal code, or by the name of a candidate and your province/territory.

Do you know the candidates in your riding?

Once you have found your riding via the link above, you can find your list of candidates by clicking on the “candidates” button along the top of the page.

Do you know where to vote?

On the same page where you found your riding, there is a link for “where do I vote?” along the right-hand side, where you will then be prompted to fill in your street address.

Do you know what you need to bring with you?

I don’t have a driver’s licence, and I’ve neglected to get a new health card with my current address, so when I go to vote this morning, I’ll be bringing my passport, and a recent credit card statement. See below for a list of options on what to bring, with more info available by clicking on the picture.

Click the image for more information

Not sure if you’re registered?

Don’t let that deter you from voting. You can register at the same location as where you’ll be voting, using the same pieces of identification listed above. Let the person at the door know you’re not sure if you’re registered and they’ll point you in the right direction. More voter registration and eligibility information can be found here.

Haven’t decided whether or not to vote?

Obviously I’m hoping you will vote. Click here to read the amazing letters that were presented at Wrecking Ball 12: Are you dying to vote?, by some of PEN Canada‘s Writers in Exile, about their views on democracy.

I’ll be tweeting on and off throughout the day via @praxistheatre using the hashtag #elxn41arts, which you can follow with or without an account. But I won’t be tweeting the results until the polls have closed… I can’t afford the fine. Happy voting day everyone!

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