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June 4, 2011, by
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2 videos you’re probably going to want to watch

by Michael Wheeler

Here’s some Saturday morning videos that hint humanity may not be doomed after all.

1 Brigitte dePape Ted Talk

Yesterday Brigitte dePape was the top news story across Canada as “the rogue page” who silently interrupted the Throne Speech that kicked off the first day of the new Parliament.

Wouldn’t you know it – she’s also a theatre artist, performer and articulate advocate for the value culture can contribute to society. (Spoiler alert – she’s not talking the economic value artists bring low-income neighbourhoods, or tourist dollars mega-musicals bring in.) Check out this dramatic monologue/Ted Talk combo she performed as part of last year’s TEDxYouthOttawa. 1/2 way through the clip  she finishes the monologue, throws on a dress and starts the Ted Talk part. Wow.

2 The Grand Rapids LipDub

Move over Thriller – there is a new “Greatest Music Video Ever“. Really, what’s not to love about this video? It is a major achievement both for a community and artistically. Now it is being credited with turning around the fortunes of Grand Rapids. Which, after you watch the video, makes total sense.

Trust me – take the full 10 minutes. Make a tea, or whatever it is you need to do to get comfortable and enjoy. Be careful around 6:22 – that’s when my beverage almost came out my nose.

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