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June 20, 2011, by

2 ways to be in a Praxis show this summer

iPhone photo of a recent Toronto Star editorial cartoon by Theo Moudakis

1 – Play Games With Us

“Do you need my bag of miniatures?”
Toronto Fringe Exec. Director Gideon Arthurs

Ever since we started talking about our site-specific Dungeons & Dragons project at this year’s Fringe Festival, theatre people from every part of the industry have been coming out of the closet as former players of the game, with some even revealing they still regularly get together with friends to play.

We’re looking for players for our 6 hour marathon sessions in the basement of Snakes & Lattes, so let us know if you play, or used to play, and if you’re free on July 10th or July 16th. We’ll also be playing a trial game in advance of the fringe to experiment with our live sound and lighting designers, so even if you can make it to a Fringe game, there is the possibility of using you as a guinea pig whilst we quest to save our enchanted donkey. (This is not a joke – we lost our Donkey in the first trial game and we still plan on getting it back.)

2 – Get Locked in a Cage With Us

“Don’t worry – I promise we won’t get arrested.
You Should Have Stayed Home writer and performer Tommy Taylor

We have been rehearsing our 2011 Summerworks show You Should Have Stayed home off-and-on ever since we presented part of it at Buzz in April. Recently, we decided to include a scene that explores the conditions in the g20 detention centre on Eastern Ave. that requires 40 performers. No – that is not a typo: four zero. If you are A) Male and B) want to be in Summerworks – this is your chance.

You don’t need to be an actor, but you do need to be available for 4 rehearsals over evenings and weekends at the end of July, as well as all 6 performance dates (which are also mostly evenings and weekends). We will do some improvisational exercises to get a sense of each other, and Tommy and other detainees will give some presentations about their experiences. Then we will create a 10 minute scene that will be integrated with Tommy’s story. Mostly your job will be to act like someone surprised at and exhausted by being locked in a cage.

In either case all you have to do is send us an email to get the ball rolling to

If you want to play games make the Subject: D&D Player. Tell us in 150 words or less what your connection to the game is, what you do now, and why you want to play.

If you want to experiment with what it is like to be locked in a 10 x 20 ft cage in a safe theatrical setting make the Subject: G20 Detainee. Tell us in 150 words what you do with your time on this planet and why you’d like top be involved.

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  1. Hi Aislinn,

    I sent you an email responding to your inquiry about joining the events in July, but haven’t heard back from you. I wanted to make sure the email did get through. Please let me know. I would love to be involved.

  2. Aislinn Rose says:

    Yes indeed, message received and a response is forthcoming. Thanks Duncan!

  3. Matt says:

    after being detained on weapons charge…a cucumber if you can believe it….I have my own experience with it…where are you holding this performance? … and how much quiet hell are you looking for?.