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July 9, 2011, by

Variation #35: Eleanor Hewlings


Greek schoolchildren had to learn the Seven Wonders, not because those were the only ones, but because they seemed to be the greatest.
But today we should not be able easily to select the seven greatest.  We should have seventy times seven, and then seventy times seven again.
It is not hard to name seven wonders in the modern world; it would be very much harder to name seven things not wonderful.  One of our poets has said that he has seen “nothing common” on this earth.
We ask “Why?” very early in our life, and we ought not to stop asking “Why?”.  Nothing will ever become common; everything will be full of wonder, if we keep our eyes open and our minds wide awake.

-The Wonder Book of Wonders, 1922


Eleanor Hewlings plays Cassie in the site-specific production of HORSE at the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival.

Written by Dora-Award winning playwright Ned Dickens and directed by Leora Morris, HORSE takes 15 people at a time into a Kensington Market alleyway to meet two street kids and watch them negotiate homelessness, police corruption, trauma, and addiction.  Every night July 6th-17th @ 7pm.  12 Kensington Avenue.

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