Praxis Theatre is currently on hiatus! Please find co-founders Aislinn Rose and Michael Wheeler at The Theatre Centre and SpiderWebShow, respectively.
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You Should Have Stayed Home

Want to get involved with this piece of theatre?

1 – Join the cast

If you are available for 3 or 4 rehearsals next week – you can join the cast for a 10-minute scene with 39 other people. You don’t have to be an experienced performer- as long as you can work with other people.

To learn more email

2 – Form a strategic partnership with the production

Strategically, what we need to make this piece go is cash. Funding cuts to Summerworks by Heritage Canada have increased ticket prices, but artists involved in the festival don’t receive that increase – the festival does. So we have the same product at an increased price, with no increase in revenue. Strategically we need to pursue multiple revenue streams, like partnerships with engaged citizens just like you. Click here to get strategic.

3 – Come to the show

Dates: Aug 4th @5pm, Aug 6th @ 2:30pm, Aug 7th @ 10pm, Aug 10th @ 7:30pm, Aug 12th @ midnight, Aug 13th @10pm

Location: The Theatre Centre, 1087 Queen St. W. Click for Map

Tickets: Info on how to buy tickets available via Summerworks.

4 – Follow us online

The show has a Facebook Page and Praxis has an active Twitter Account – both of which will be full of info and stories surrounding the production.

5 – Spread the word

Do you know someone who may be interested in this sort of thing? Tell them about it. Word of mouth is the single most powerful factor that can drive awareness of a production. Use Facebook, drinks with old friends, Twitter, family dinner, sports practice, etc. There are a lot of venues where you can say, “Hey did you hear about this G20 play where….”.

Looking forward to your involvement with the piece!

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