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August 30, 2011, by

There’s something oddly familiar about this plan to jumpstart urban development

From today’s Toronto Star: Doug Ford’s dream waterfront? Ferris wheel, monorail and a boat-in hotel:

“What we’d like to do is have a monorail system that’s running right from the Pan Am Games (site) right along the lakefront and stops at Union Station and Ontario Place and right across the front of the lake,” Ford said.

“And then it would hang a quick little right, right down Cherry St., and as it goes down Cherry St. the first stop would be right at the end of the pier.”

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  1. Robert Catto says:

    I guess that’s more of a SHELBYVILLE idea, then…

  2. Craig says:

    If you didn’t post a Simpsons video above your blurb, I really wouldn’t see much connection at all. Granted, the Fords seem to be a bunch of idiots, but that doesn’t mean a monorail’s a bad idea. (If I knew anything about urban planning, I’m sure I could come up with a ton of reasons why it’s a bad idea.) Let’s just hope he’s not buying it from a travelling salesman. 😉

  3. Michael Wheeler says:

    I am concerned by the degree to which the people making decisions about how our community functions are similar to stock characters from bad Hollywood movies. Someone call central casting and let them know we would like some players that are at very least two-dimensional.

    CBC is doing a poll about the monorial plan here.