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August 4, 2011, by

You Should Have Stayed Home Opens Tonight

The World Premiere of You Should Have Stayed Home is 5pm @ The Theatre Centre as part of the SummerWorks Festival

NOW Magazine

“(SummerWorks) is tackling one of the biggest thorns in the city’s side in recent years: last year’s G20 summit, demonstrations and police overkill. In the highly anticipated play You Should Have Stayed Home, writer Tommy Taylor depicts his experience as a detainee in the squalid makeshift prison where hundreds of protesters were held.”

The Globe and Mail

“Despite a certain controversy over a play about homegrown terrorism last year, SummerWorks isn’t shying away from politics. In this show from Praxis Theatre, Tommy Taylor adapts a Facebook note he wrote last year after being detained for 24 hours during the Toronto G20 Summit for the stage. Billed as “the true story of a heartbroken Canadian.”

The Toronto Star

“Here are a few of our best guesses as to what shows might cause a stir (and even if they don’t, they’re worth checking out).
You Should Have Stayed Home: A G20 Romp
The always political Praxis Theatre teams up with Tommy Taylor’s company The Original Norwegian in a stage adaptation of Taylor’s experience being illegally detained while out for a walk during last summer’s G20.”

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  1. Heather says:

    Thank you for doing this and having the courage and the humour that I don’t have yet. What happened to peaceful Canadians at the G20 last year angers and frustrates me. I don’t trust the police, Bill Blair, or Harper – they almost got away with murder. Instead they got away with torture, bullying, violence all with impudence.

  2. David Khan says:

    They haven’t gotten away yet, not yet and not if we can help it.