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September 23, 2011, by

SWAP it!

Sunday the 25th of September 7-9pm
Dancemakers Centre for Creation -55 Mill St., Building 58, Studio 313

A resource exchange session is on this Sunday.
Any artist who as ever found themselves needing something specific for a process, workshop or show may have a new way to get their hands on those things without paying, but in the spirit of community, through offering something they might already have (and not use, or not use regularly) in exchange.

It is free!!!

Come with a list of what you need and what you have.
Meet some other artists.
Work better with the resources we already have between us!
Don’t talk too much about Rob Ford.
And see you there.

Hosted by The Alliance of Mid-Career Dance Creators
Supported by The Dance Umbrella of Ontario, Dancemakers, TAPA, and the Toronto Dance Community Love-In

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