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March 5, 2012, by

Variation #45: Donna-Michelle St. Bernard


“I begin with the etymology of ‘settler’ as a thing or person that settles, within the etymology of ‘settle’ as a thing or person that ‘comes to rest,’ that establishes a ‘permanent residence.’ But ‘settle’ also belongs etymologically to ‘reconcile’ or “reconciliation,’ which in turn belongs to ‘bring together’ (again), to ‘make friendly, and to make consistent.’”

~ Tequila Sovereign


Columbus Chronicles by Carl Beam, 1992



NEPA General Manager Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

free as injuns by Tara Beagan
A Native Earth Performing Arts Production

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
February 28th – March 18th 2012
12 Alexander St. Toronto
Tickets: 416.975.8555 or

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