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May 23, 2012, by

Dispatches From The Office Chair

Pip's dispatches have moved from the Tarragon Theatre Booth to the Toronto Fringe Office

Dear Friends:

There is a saying in this world that “a change is a good as a rest”. Frankly, years of club-hopping has left me unconvinced of the truth of that statement. Sometimes, readers, I would have been far better served by going home to bed than by going to the Dakota. However, I have decided to take this dubious advice to heart and, finding myself tiring of the trials of being a space technician, I have flown the Tarragon coop and found a new roost here at the Toronto Fringe Festival for a brief time.

The Toronto Fringe, in what can only be a moment of near-godlike inspiration, has seen fit to hire me as their Youth Outreach Coordinator. And after reviewing the reasons you wish you were in my program I have listed below, I’m sure you will agree that clearly they could not have gone in any other direction.

5 Reasons Why You Wish You Could Be In My Youth Outreach Program

  • We’re talking the Fringe Festival here.

Seriously, why would you not want to be part of the best two weeks in Toronto theatre? Do you not like seeing plays for free? Do you not want to be party to some of the most interesting discussions in theatre? Do you not like hanging out with awesome people?

  • I’m too new to know what isn’t allowed.

If you think it is a good use of our time together to watch episodes of Gossip Girl and analyze the development and progression of Blair Waldorf, the greatest character on television, who am I to say no?

  • Thanks to my raging adult ADD, I have more energy than any one human being should.

Being me requires enough energy to fuel a rocket ship to the moon and back. Think you’ve got lots of drive and get-up-and-go? I wrote the book on overnighters WHILE OVERNIGHTING. This party never stops.

  • I’m a technician, which means we are not dilly dallying around here.

We are going way beyond theatre games, my friends. Largely because I am not too clear on the rules and motivation behind Zip Zap Zop.

  • You get to come hang out with me in my clubhouse

As the Youth Outreach Coordinator for the Toronto Fringe Festival, I am finally achieving a Fringe Dream five years in the making: I get to hang out at the Fringe Club all day long while people come visit me in my clubhouse, The 100 Salon. No, seriously, I have a salon. You want to come to my salon? WELL TOO BAD, because you’re not in my youth outreach program.

The program Pip is taunting you with is The 100, a new program the Fringe is developing for young artists between the ages of 17 and 24.  This 12 day immersive theatre entrepreneur boot-camp allows participants to get hands-on experience developing viral and guerilla marketing techniques, learning about self-promotion and branding, and generating street theatre while acting as ambassadors for the Fringe Festival of Toronto.

Perks include an unlimited pass to the Toronto Fringe Festival, access to behind-the-scenes action at the Fringe Club, and more fun than you can shake a stick at. To learn more, you can email her at, or to apply simply click here.

Sarah ‘Pip’ Bradford is the Youth Outreach Coordinator for the Toronto Fringe Festival, the Mainspace Technician at Tarragon Theatre, and the founder of Art Is Hard, a grassroots arts philanthropy project.

If you like what you see here, she blogs (infrequently) at The Christopher Pike Project, and posts daily to Tips From Pip, an unsolicited Tumblr advice blog. She is also willing to accept Samwell Tarly on Game Of Thrones as a contender for best character on television.

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  1. Umm Pip, great post and sounds like and an amazing youth program. I have to point out Samwell Tarly is nowhere near the greatest television character just because he is an unlikely candidate to take the black (pudding).

    On the other hand, Aidan Gillen, as Littlefinger in Game of Thrones and Carcetti on The Wire, must have a reasonable shot at greatest television actor. Or at least luckiest.

  2. Pip says:

    Michael, I respond thus:
    1. All the things you say about Littlefinger are SO TRUE. And I have to admit that GOT characters are hard for me to judge as just the television show, since I am (first and foremost) a book geek.
    2. I never said Samwell Tarly was the best, just that I would accept arguments on the point. I believe I quite clearly identified Blair Waldorf as the best character on television. And that is not up for discussion.

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