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August 20, 2012, by

Summerworks 2012 Award Winners

The cast and creative team of Iceland walked away with 2.5 Summerworks awards: the NOW Audience Choice Award, Outstanding New Performance Text and an honorable mention for producer Renna Reddie for the Arts Professional Award.

The NOW Magazine Audience Choice Award ($3000):


SummerWorks Prize for Outstanding Production (free trip back to the festival next year):

Terminus, Outside The March

Contra Guys Award for Outstanding New Performance Text ($1,000):

Iceland, Nicolas Billon

National Theatre School Award for Set or Costume Design ($750):

When It Rains, 2B Theatre Company

Buddies in Bad Times Vanguard Award for Risk and Innovation ($500):

Cliff Cardinal, Huff; Honorable Mention:  Kitchenband, Petrachor

Canadian Stage Award for Direction ($500):

Tanner Harvey, Big Plans

The Spotlight Award (VIP access to next year’s festival):

Ron Pederson, Extinction Song; Tamsin KelseyPietà; Terrence Bryant, Terre Haute

The Theatre Centre Emerging Artist Award ($500):

Jeremy Taylor, Playwright: Big Plans; Director: My Pregnant Brother

RBC Arts Professional Award ($1,000):

Motion Live Presents in association with Cric Crac Collective, Aneemah’s Spot; Honorable Mention: Aislinn Rose: Fierce Monsters, France or, The Niqab; Renna Reddie: Iceland

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