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Civil Debates 4 – Climate Change: Streamed to Banff, Alberta

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Frequent Praxis Theatre and Theatre Centre collaborator Laura Nanni is working with The Banff Centre to host a live screening of Civil Debates 4 –  Climate Change.

We’re thrilled to expand the reach of the conversation across the country. Civil Debates will be working with Laura to ensure a few of the tweets that come in from Banff will be included in the “Questions from the Floor” section of the debate.

Monday December 14, 730PM EST / 530PM MST 


Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Building @ The Banff Centre, Room 204

Banff FB Invite


@ Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen Street West, Admission PWYW (Pay What You Want)

TO FB Invite


via @PraxisTheatre

The Resolution:

A carbon-based economy is destroying life on the planet. Therefore:

Be It Resolved That it is unethical for arts organizations to accept funds from corporations causing this destruction and these revenue sources should be phased out. 

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Debate Format

Side A1 10 minutes

Side B1 10 minutes

Side A2 10 minutes

Side B2 13 minutes

Side A1 3 minutes

Questions from Floor: 25 Minutes

Audience Participation:

Following the debate, the floor will be opened to 2-minute comments or questions from the floor.  If a question is directed at a debater, that person will have 2 minutes to answer. This will last 25 minutes maximum.

Attendees will be asked to register their opinion on their way in and out by secret ballot – to see if the debate shifted informed thought.

As always, and as the name implies, these debates will be civil and we invite apply your friendly intellect to a rigorous discussion of complex ideas.

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Why We Started Civil Debates

Co-produced by Praxis Theatre and The Theatre Centre, Civil Debates was originally launched in 2013 as an opportunity to extend the online community Praxis Theatre had developed over the years via Within a face-to-face setting, we worked to bring those conversations into a physical space. We were enthused and encouraged by the intelligent and civil discourse that had developed online, particularly in the comments of posts about hot button issues.

We began to think that – as theatre companies – we should be doing this live in a space with human bodies.

And so, building on the success of our three previous debates on Creative CitiesArts Boards and Idle No More – Praxis Theatre and The Theatre Centre’s Civil Debates returns at conclusion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris with a debate on the ethics of receiving arts funding from drivers of climate change.

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