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February 7, 2011, by

Click to check out the Rhubarb blog

Nine days away from week one of the Rhubarb Festival-  a lot of content has been going down on the Rhubarb blog.

The experimental performance festival has taken over the Buddies in Bad Times blog – running features and interviews with many of the artists involved leading up to the festival. In a core feature of this content, artists from various projects interview each other about their work and what they’re up to at Rhubarb.

This approach has led to some interesting discussions with 2Fik, Johnnie Walker, Morgan Norwich, Nicholas Billon, Erin Brandenburg, Out of Line Theatre and Alicia Grant. Using various combinations of text, image and video in their posts these discussions go beyond the basic overview you might read in a preview through traditional media. (Can you tell we’re fans?)

Stay tuned for an upcoming conversation between Praxis Theatre and bluemouth inc.

March 16, 2010, by

While Praxis Theatre became super-obsessed with our own product and process for a week, lots of other things have been going on:

  • HIVE 3 has been rocking Vancouver as the theatrical grand finale to the grand funding opus known as The Cultural Olympiad. Simon Ogden of The Next Stage has some interesting thoughts on what the event means for Vancouver and building and attracting new audiences by re-branding theatre.
  • In Toronto, Tarragon, Factory, and Canadian Stage all announced their seasons in quick succession in a bid to spare their subscribers the added cost of HST if purchased before April 30th. Buddies in Bad Times has made some hints about the first season curated by Artistic Director Brendan Healy, stating the new season, “will reflect a renewed engagement with Buddies’ social and political roots.” Luminato also officially announced the theatrical components of this year’s festival.
  • Roy McGregor wrote a very interesting piece in The Globe and Mail about the often skewed relationship between “hits” and good journalism as the world of information gets all 2.0 and hit-count-y.
  • Speaking of interactive theatre…. Check out this awesome show that’s gaining steam Down Under.  If this is half as cool as the article makes it out to be I want my ticket yesterday.
  • Finally, The Theatre Centre’s annual Free Fall runs March 18th – 28th. Included in the festival is a show that occurs in the shared office space Praxis rents at The Great Hall, but is being used briefly by One Reed Theatre (who also rent a desk in the office) as a mini-theatre for their show.
  • November 26, 2009, by

    HATCH Lab

    Harbourfront Centre and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre invite you to participate in a FREE, three-day workshop with Glasgow-based artist Adrian Howells, delving into the process and considerations related to autobiographical, confessional and intimate performance.

    Howells has been a performance artist for the past 20 years. He creates work that promotes intimacy and genuine exchange with the audience in one-to-one, autobiographical and confessional contexts, in a range of non-traditional performance spaces. He has developed work investigating sexuality, social taboo and social conventions in public space and private situations. Howells is a recognized artists and performance professor at the University of Glasgow, with extensive experience in workshop facilitation and lecturing for high school and university students, professional artists and community groups.

    HATCHLab is a peer-to-peer learning opportunity presented as part of our HATCH: emerging performance projects and World Stage programmes. The mandate of HATCHLab is to link the local performance community with international peers and practices. Past HATCHLabs have been facilitated by New York’s The TEAM (Theatre of the Emerging American Moment), Australia’s Back to Back Theatre and UK’s Stan’s Cafe.

    Space is limited. If you are interested in taking part contact: for more information.

    September 17, 2009, by

    Brendan Healy is the new Artistic Director of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

    Brendan Healy is the new Artistic Director of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

    Okay, this week was supposed to be exclusively Indie Caucus related material only, but it’s not everyday that a genuine local indie director takes over a major theatre. It’s also not everyday that an important new theatre-related blog is launched. And well the two together…

    So check it out: YYZ Buddies: The latest Buzz from inside Canada’s home for queer culture

    Latest post: The new guy in charge of the joint!