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February 7, 2011, by

Rhubarb takes over the Buddies blog

Click to check out the Rhubarb blog

Nine days away from week one of the Rhubarb Festival-  a lot of content has been going down on the Rhubarb blog.

The experimental performance festival has taken over the Buddies in Bad Times blog – running features and interviews with many of the artists involved leading up to the festival. In a core feature of this content, artists from various projects interview each other about their work and what they’re up to at Rhubarb.

This approach has led to some interesting discussions with 2Fik, Johnnie Walker, Morgan Norwich, Nicholas Billon, Erin Brandenburg, Out of Line Theatre and Alicia Grant. Using various combinations of text, image and video in their posts these discussions go beyond the basic overview you might read in a preview through traditional media. (Can you tell we’re fans?)

Stay tuned for an upcoming conversation between Praxis Theatre and bluemouth inc.

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