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February 4, 2011, by

Tara Beagan takes over the (theatre) world

Tara Beagan is captured by iPhone being announced as Native Earth Performing Arts new Artistic Director on January 26 at The Theatre Centre during the Weesageechak Festival. Photo courtesy PJ Prudat

January 2011 was a pretty good month for Jesus Chrysler playwright Tara Beagan:

The multi-talented theatre artist became Playwright in Residence at the National Arts Centre and was named the new Artistic Director of Native Earth Performing Arts in the same GD month!

Congrats to our friend and collaborator on both of her well-deserved successes. Tara replaces out going Artistic Director Yvette Nolan – who was also a great friend to Praxis Theatre.

Yvette sent us some well considered notes on her experience and thoughts surrounding Praxis productions, and she has been an ally as an artist and community member. Congrats to Yvette as well; she passes on a company in great shape to exciting leadership and we generally like it when things work out this way.

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  1. Hi Tara,

    How amazing! Like getting two Olympic golds at the same time! BTW, I’m trying to remember — what year was Dreary and Izzy (or vice versa) first produced? Bonnie
    416 264-8111

  2. tarab says:

    hiya bonnie! NEPA did it in 2005. it’s going up again in edmonton (prouced by Alberta Aboriginal Arts) in 2012. yay!