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March 15, 2009, by
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Theatre Is Territory 3.0

What the fuck is going on now?

Basically this:

After four months of transition with help from Ian Mackenzie consulting from the shadows, the kids at Praxis are finally ready to run their own blog. We’re on our own now in this e-wilderness, without the benefit of a pioneer of the Canadian theatrosphere.

Theatre Is Territory will continue in a new location, the appropriately located: You will be able to find all of Ian’s famous 10 Questions interviews here and a few of his other ongoing projects too.

Everything here will remain almost unnoticeably the same…or will it?


We have a lot of changes in the works:

• Praxis Theatre Co-Artistic Director Simon Rice will begin contributing regularly with his own series of interviews.
• Greta Papageorgiu’s wildly popular Celebrity Theatre series is set to return as well.
• No more Just The Facts. It was boring. We‘ll develop a new way to let people know what the fuck is going on
• A full re-launch that fully integrates this blog with the Praxis Theatre website.

We would like to give sincere thanks to Ian for everything he has done for the company as our Marketing Director and in particular with this blog. From his first post at 10:33am on October 11th 2006, to his last post on Monday January 26th 2009, two-and–a-half years later, this blog has become an important place for discussion and information about indie theatre in Canada and around the world.

Thanks Ian. Praxis Theatre is certainly better known and respected because of all of your savvy, imagination and hard work.


Everyone at Praxis Theatre!

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  1. Michael Wheeler says:

    I just wanted to add that I remember the meeting where Ian explained what the word “blog” meant to Simon and I.