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April 13, 2009, by

Theatre on the internet: Praxis Theatre’s Variations on Theatre

Inspired by the success of Praxis Theatre’s 101 Sentences About Theatre, this week marks the debut of a new series: Praxis Theatre’s Variations on Theatre. The series asks artists to respond with a combination of the three key elements present in theatre:

Image, sound, text.

These will consist of:

A) One image
As a jpeg or YouTube clip.

B) One song or sound 
As a link to a Myspace based artist, a website that has sound, a written description of the sound, or other legal means devised to transfer knowledge of sound through the internet.

C) One piece of text 
No constraints. Not crazy long.
Other info:

  1. A jpeg of the artist contributing to the project. (preferably NOT a headshot).
  2. Name, upcoming project and what role (i.e. director, actor, etc.) in this work is.
  3. Website that provides more detail and information on this work.

(Yes it is easy as ABC-123.)

The goal of Praxis Theatre’s Variations on Theatre is to discover new and interesting ideas about theatrical product and practice through creation as a catalyst for discussion. It also has the potential to accumulate a project that approximates small instances of theatre on the internet. That a live audience doesn’t experience these responses in the same space necessarily changes the project in a way that makes this project something different from “pure theatre”. This is why they will be “variations”. C’est la vie. We work with what we have.
Variations on Theatre also presents a way for the community to interact with this website as something other than a bulletin board. Or perhaps, asks that you interact with the website artistically to use the bulletin board. In either case, if you follow the criteria and give it an honest try, the process includes pimping yourself and your upcoming project. If you’re not hawking any artistic wares, and find the project interesting, we’d like you to join in too. 

#1 later this week!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey MW. sorry I was slow to answer your post, several posts ago.

    Check out “3 reasons” comments for my answer, re: hipness in the theatre.

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