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June 15, 2009, by
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And we’re back!

Hello Gentle Reader,

Welcome to the new and improved Praxis Theatre Blog and Website.

As you can see we’ve integrated the whole thingamabob into one site here at If you haven’t (re)bookmarked us yet, please take the time to do so. 

What can you expect on this newfangled webpage?

  • A brand new series that will focus on interviewing Artistic Directors from Canada and around the world by Praxis Theatre Co-Artistic Director Simon Rice. The first of this series will be launched Wednesday June 17th.
  • Praxis Theatre Co-Artistic Director Michael Wheeler will continue his dialogue with artists involved in the creative process behind The Africa Trilogy, currently being created by Volcano Theatre, premiering at Luminato in June 2010. 
  • More artists participating in Praxis Theatre’s Variations on Theatre
  • Even more Celebrity Theatre posts by OCTP* Greta Papageorgiu.
  • Increased long-form content by arts journalists like the piece Lindsay Schwietz just wrote on Eat The Street.
  • Lots of other stuff we haven’t even thought of or can’t tell you about yet.

Please enjoy and give us your feedback. Special thanks to the many-talented Graham F Scott for his patience and skill bringing about this exciting new stage of online Praxisness.

* Original Canadian Theatre Paparazzi

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