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March 12, 2010, by

Section 98 – Open Source Entry #8 – Harbourfront Centre Dress Rehearsal!

Tell us what you’re thinking as you’re thinking it!  We want to hear what you think of our show…

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  1. Mike Sullivan says:

    How’s the dress rehearsal going?

  2. Michael says:

    Hey there Mike Sullivan! Thanks for asking… it’s a wee bit bumpy but we’re learning a lot. Hope to see you at the show tomorrow night!

  3. Aislinn says:

    Hey MIke, Aislinn here. I told the audience you wanted to know how things were going and someone asked me to tell you it’s going great!

  4. anonymous says:

    What are you looking for?

  5. anonymous says:

    Good job Laura!

  6. anonymous says:

    Is this thing on?

  7. Laura Nordin says:

    The previous 3 comments are from our audience members at our dress rehearsal for the Hatch workshop presentation. Thank you for participating! I look forward to adding more texts to the blog tomorrow night.