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March 13, 2010, by

Section 98 – Open Source Entry #9 – Harbourfront Centre One Night Only!

Dave Tompa on how he scored the juicy role of an NDP Member of Parliament in Praxis Theatre’s Section 98

Praxis Theatre’s one-night-only workshop presentation of Section 98 is finally here.  Do you have your tickets yet?  Last night we had an invite-only dress rehearsal, and we learned a lot.  In particular, after all these years of audiences being told to turn their cell phones off, we’re finding it a bit of a challenge to encourage you not only to leave them on, but to actually put them to use during the show.  So we’re hoping to see you and your cell phones at the Harbourfront Centre tonight at 8pm.

Check out Praxis Theatre’s Co-Artistic Director Michael Wheeler talking to Harbourfront about our “Open Source” show, and why you need to bring your phones.  See you tonight!

Harbourfront Centre’s Upfront talks “Open Source Theatre” with Praxis Co-Artistic Director, Michael Wheeler

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi praxis! Have a fantastic show tonight! It was lovely to have you here

  2. Aislinn says:

    Thanks Anonymous! It’s been lovely to be here. Are you watching our run right now? Can’t wait to see the time lapse later!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Laura!