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March 19, 2010, by

Would you like to be on

In the past while we’ve received a number of emails with some very reasonable questions. They usually breakdown into three categories. We’ve never really been explicit with our answers so here we go:

1 How do you decide what companies and websites are listed in the sidebar?

If you have a website that is about theatre, just send a quick email to the info account at the top right of the site. State the name, URL and category it belongs in and we’ll throw it up there.

2 How can I promote my show on your website?

There are two ways to do this: Variations on Theatre was started to avoid becoming a clearinghouse for listings and press releases. If you have a show coming up you would like to promote, this is the most straightforward route. Make sure you give at least 2 weeks notice that you would like to do it and send in your Variation at least a week before it should go up.

The other option is to pitch something creative, like when Christine Horne proposed her faux-bitter interview with Susan Coyne.  Like we would say no to something like that!

3 How can I write something for your website?

Send an email with a couple samples of your writing and a paragraph that addresses what you think is important about theatre, and what you hope it will evolve into in the next thirty years. We will proceed from there. We don’t pay (yet). When/if we do though, we’ll be paying the people that wrote for free first.

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