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2 essential Monday evenings in May for Toronto theatre creators: UPDATED


WHERE: The El Mocambo (464 Spadina Avenue)
WHEN: Monday, May 3rd, doors @ 7:30 p.m.
WHY: Because it will be awesome!
TICKETS: $10 at the door
HOSTED BY: David Gale

Since 1994, The Harold Awards have come to represent the independent and hard-working spirit of Toronto’s vibrant theatre community. Since 1994, it has been a boisterous, mischievous, frequently intoxicated, hilarious celebration.

If you’ve never been, make this the year you break the seal. Attendees are not even supposed to mention the other awards show, so we won’t do it here, but let’s just say it’s nothing like it! Click the link to learn more about The Harold Awards and how they work.


Independent Theatre Think Tank: Exploring agreement options outside of the CTA & ITA

WHERE: Theatre Passe Muraille
WHEN: Monday, May 17, doors @ 6:30 p.m.
WHY: Because it took 3 long years to get here.
HOSTED BY: CAEA Ontario Council Policy Advisory Group.
PANELISTS: Naomi Campbell, Michael Rubenfeld, and Rebecca Northan.

After voting to create a solution that encourages (as opposed to discourages), the creation of indie theatre in a 96-1 vote at the 2008 AGM in Toronto, and again in a 42-4 vote at the 2009 AGM in Montreal, this is the first tangible sign CAEA is finally taking the concerns of membership on this issue seriously. This will likely be the only opportunity for Equity members to contribute to what this new solution will look like.

The Ontario CPAG and members of the newly formed Independent Theatre Review Committee will be available to update the membership on this issue, who will be able to contribute their own ideas in a general think tank session. This is not intended as a beef session but rather as an opportunity for CAEA members to contribute new ideas as the committee begins its work on a new generation of independent theatre agreements.

Members should contemplate the following question:
“What do you want in an agreement that is outside of the CTA or ITA?”
Members should avoid ever complaining about Equity stopping or hindering them from creating their own work ever again if they don’t attend. Book your babysitter/night off now to avoid disappointment with your career and/or industry.

This comment came in soon after posting.
Equity Clarification

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  1. Kris Joseph says:

    I’m SO excited about this discussion, and the Indie Town Hall, that I’m coming all the way from Ottawa to be there!

    Mind you, I’m coming because I am chairing the committee recently created by Equity to deal with this issue. And I am compelled to comment here because I can assure you that this upcoming town hall will ABSOLUTELY NOT be people’s only chance to contribute to this discussion. The committee will be national in scope and will be hell-bent on collecting input from ALL interested members, all across Canada. Information on how you can get involved with the committee is forthcoming and will be available at the town hall, if not before.

  2. Michael Wheeler says:

    Thanks for the clarification Kris. As you can see I added it to the post itself as I am loathe to spread any misinformation on this important topic.

    That’s great news about a National Committee investigating how to encourage indie theatre that all CAEA members can engage with. We’ll be sure to post this info too when it’s available.

    People in Toronto are pretty excited about the discussion as well. There have been a million meetings and emails and votes and facebook blasts and blog posts and telephone calls to get to this point – and it really feels possible that finally meaningful reform is coming with regards to how the creation process of independent artists is handled and perceived.

    For silent readers following along that will be attending the meeting: Are you interested in writing about it for I have an editorial to write that is going to eviscerate my credibility as an impartial news-gatherer on this topic, but I would also like to be able to report factually on the event. If this interests you drop me a line via the info@ email at the top right.