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February 21, 2011, by

New loophole to get out of all your Rogers contracts today with no penalties?

Ladies and gentlemen your Rogers nightmare is over:

  • Login to Facebook and click here to read Al McGale’s note on how he left Rogers now- with no penalties – and how you can too.

If you find this information useful or interesting spread it to your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email using the buttons below. An exodus of customers is likely the only thing that is going to get the genuine attention of telecom companies in Canada. Feel free to use the comments section below to discuss any problems you might have getting the same results as Al.

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  1. Brendan Gall says:

    Okay, I’d love to do this. But then where do I go? Where’s the magical good phone/internet place?

  2. Steve says:

    Brendan has a point. I’m currently up for a digital phone “hardware upgrade” with Rogers, and getting it, then pulling this, would leave me on the hook for the full (inflated) price of the new handset. I’d need to be VERY sure I could get a better deal breaking up my consolidated digital / internet / cable plan and splitting it among different providers – though I’d be willing to entertain any suggestions.

    It would be immensely satisfying to pull the plug and just walk away from Rogers, but sorting out an alternative cable and internet plan (as well as signing on with a new digital phone provider) would be time consuming. Their service may suck, but it works both ways sometimes – I currently have three different discounts on my phone bill for the same service, due to their ineptitude.

  3. I am investigating this company which currently has some (possibly unintentionally) hilarious ads on the subway in Toronto right now. It has been recommended by a friend, but I cannot vouch for them:

  4. Al McGale says:

    Hello folks,

    I switched to Primus for Internet (5Mb DSL, unlimited downloads) and Home phone (1 feature) which runs me just over $73/month.  This was the best they could offer me for a couple of reasons, but their price came in much lower than Rogers was charging me for those 2 services even with their bundling and contract discounts – you can likely find better!  

    The key to saving will be to avoid most of the guys you’ve already heard of (Bell, Telus, and Rogers) and go with a smaller reseller of their Telco services.  It will be the same service for less – for real.

    I’m not going to sign up for “normal” TV anymore – I purchased a DLink Boxee Box and a Network Storage device for about $425, and I no longer have a cable TV bill.  I can get into that option a little more if anyone’s interested.  With home entertainment it all depends on your tolerance to disruption and your desire to stay “legit”.  Plenty of options exist – the trick is just finding one your wallet and morals are both OK with.


  5. Marilo says:

    Al, I don’t know you at all, but after reading this post, you are my hero. Will this work with Bell? Because I hate HATE Bell more than Rogers…

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