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April 30, 2012, by
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2 minutes with Greta: Omar Majeed & Ryan Mullins

by Greta Papageorgiu

Omar Majeed and Ryan Mullins tell us what frog princes and punk rockers have in common and weigh in on the recent Telefilm and NFB cuts.  The two directors are in town for HotDocs to promote their film The Frog Princes, a documentary about a troupe of developmentally challenged actors staging a production of The Frog and the Princess.

“When anyone has this debate over why we fund the arts for young people, I say ‘Watch this documentary.’ I challenge anyone not to cry.”

– Ange-Aimée Woods, CBC Radio

To buy tickets and see the trailer, click here.

The first screening was yesterday, but there are two more chances to see it: Tuesday, May 1st @ 4:45pm and Saturday, May 5th @ 9:45pm.

Greta Papageorgiu is an actor, writer, teacher and director. She performs and teaches throughout Ontario and Quebec. Greta loves the theatre and hopes to share some of her love with you through 2 Minutes With Greta Papageorgiu.

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  1. Jess Foster says:

    Loved this interview!