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Get your show trailer on Praxis

Hello Intrepid Fringe and SummerWorks Artists,

This year we are trying something new over the busy summer months when the city’s two biggest theatre festivals play host to roughly two hundred indie productions over July and August. As YouTube trailer and promo vids become the norm in indie theatre promotion, simply creating a video is not enough to attract the interest of potential audience members.

For these videos to be effective they have to be seen, and seen by people who conceivably would buy a ticket to some indie theatre. This year, we at would like to help ensure that your video will be seen by a wide number of potential audience members through exposure on our site.

What we provide:

1) Your own blog post with your video embedded, published over the ten days leading up to your festival.

2) A video listing with a playable thumbnail version of your video that will live in the sidebar of for the duration of your run.

What you provide:

1) An embedable video no more that 4 minutes long from YouTube, Vimeo or comparable site.

2) $100

Email us at to sign up. There are a limited number of slots available.

The basic math on this is that if you think having your video on will sell 11 Fringe tickets, this is an opportunity worth taking advantage of. (11 tickets @ $10 = $110)

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