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June 5, 2012, by
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Hello Intrepid Fringe and SummerWorks Artists,

This year we are trying something new over the busy summer months when the city’s two biggest theatre festivals play host to roughly two hundred indie productions over July and August. As YouTube trailer and promo vids become the norm in indie theatre promotion, simply creating a video is not enough to attract the interest of potential audience members.

For these videos to be effective they have to be seen, and seen by people who conceivably would buy a ticket to some indie theatre. This year, we at would like to help ensure that your video will be seen by a wide number of potential audience members through exposure on our site.

What we provide:

1) Your own blog post with your video embedded, published over the ten days leading up to your festival.

2) A video listing with a playable thumbnail version of your video that will live in the sidebar of for the duration of your run.

What you provide:

1) An embedable video no more that 4 minutes long from YouTube, Vimeo or comparable site.

2) $100

Email us at to sign up. There are a limited number of slots available.

The basic math on this is that if you think having your video on will sell 11 Fringe tickets, this is an opportunity worth taking advantage of. (11 tickets @ $10 = $110)

November 28, 2011, by
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Watch the YouTube Trailer for Jesus Chrysler

by Michael Wheeler

As the artistic leaders of The Worker’s Theatre movement in Canada during The Great Depression, Dorothy Livesay (Dee) and Eugenia Watts (Jim), upon whom Tara Beagan’s new play Jesus Chrysler is based, grew up as good friends and were some of Toronto’s original radical organizers. Based out of U of T’s Hart House Theatre, the two were part of a group that staged agitprop plays that traveled throughout South-Western Ontario in Jim’s car, which they called The Jesus Chrysler.

Members of The Progressive Arts Club including Jim Watts top left. Click to enlarge.

These performances were sometimes done for a handful of interested onlookers and sometimes performed for thousands: When they performed in solidarity with mostly immigrant women cannery workers on strike in St. Catharines they were run out of town by the police. When they performed during the Stratford furniture strike at The Brooks Steam Motor plant they did so for an audience of 3,500, or twice the number that would pack a sold-out Stratford Festival Theatre today.

Eventually these artists went on to stage Eight Men Speak, widely viewed by cultural historians as a key event that motivated the release of Communist leader Tim Buck and his colleagues from the Kingston Penitentiary and signalled the end of the use of the draconian law Section 98, which could be used to jail anyone the state deemed “seditious”. Later in the 1930s, they became inspired by NYC’s Group Theatre and the works of Clifford Odets. Founding a new theatre group called Theatre of Action, they presented the Canadian premiere of Waiting for Lefty and a number of anti-fascist works.

By 1937, Jim had left for Spain where a civil war raged and she hosted a radio show, wrote articles for a progressive newspaper and drove an ambulance. Dee went on to become a major poet after the war, winning two Governor General awards and eventually becoming an officer of The Order of Canada.

Jesus Chrysler explores the complex relationship between these women and focuses on an imagined episode in and around the founding of the Theatre of Action.

Click on the image to buy tickets

Click here to go to the Facebook event page

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Every year IAS destroys the lives of thousands of performers. This short video is proof positive that no case is hopeless and that this syndrome is treatable if spotted early enough. Watch this video for early warning signs – do you know anyone showing signs of IAS? Identification and treatment may be their best chance for recovery.

May 31, 2010, by

Thanks to Impolitical for bringing attention to this clip that explains perfectly why you won’t be hearing from me until after The Africa Trilogy opens. (Don’t worry, interim editor Aislinn Rose will keep the content flowing in the meantime.)

May 7, 2010, by

Deaf Community Consultant, Jamilla Ross, details how Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing patrons can attend sign language interpreted performances of The Africa Trilogy in this video shot by Karyn McCallum.

For more detail on this video, ASL performances at Luminato, and all sorts of other online media about the show check out  The Africa Trilogy Blog.

April 28, 2010, by

This young thespian really hits his rhythm around the 2 minute mark.

Okay, I’m putting the coffee down, but mostly because I feel like replacing brass balls with a half eaten pretzel is a strong choice.

Press the blue and white thingy above to see a video that expands the metaphor to include Girl Guides.

November 4, 2009, by

September 11, 2009, by
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And now for something completely different….

March 10, 2009, by

After scouring the internet for good uses of YouTube videos to promote Canadian theatrical productions, one thing became crystal clear: Indie companies have this scene locked down! No venued or commercial companies we found really had anything worth posting in this format.

Give it time. The mainstream takes time to co-opt new forms, but they invariably get around to it. It has likely not sunk in that people who watch YouTube promo clips are the NEW audience for theatre and they are still milking the OLD one.

Here are some fine examples of the use of YouTube videos to promote indie productions:

Experimental Indie

Dedicated To The Revolutions
Small Wooden Shoe

Classical Indie
Theatre for Young Audiences Indie

What do you think? Is this the new cost effective way to promote a show, or just a fun hobby for artists with too much time on their hands? Do these clips make you want to see these shows, or are they just entertainment unto themselves?