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Want help writing a successful grant application?


Click to go to the STAF website

Competition for TAC & OAC Theatre Project grants is fierce. The pass rate for Project Grants sits at below 35% and isn’t changing.  Let us help.

STAF will assist with the writing of your grant application, helping you to gain the upper hand. We will work collaboratively with you to create a clear, concise and compelling application. By taking the time to work with a trained eye you will be able to identify the strongest artistic argument for the councils to fund your work.

If a full application preparation seems like it’s out of your price range, talk to us about a grant review. We can give you detailed notes and suggestions that will strengthen your request and isn’t as hard on the wallet.

As always, STAF works collaboratively with you to help you stay within your budget.

Contact us before December 1 and we’ll give you a 15% early-bird discount on grant writing services for the upcoming TAC & OAC Theatre Project deadline (February 1st, 2013).

Our grant writing spaces fill up fast – should you wish to take advantage of this offer, contact Emma Mackenzie Hillier, or 416.703.2773 x200.

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  1. Hey Readers,

    Feels like a ‘Hair Club for Men’ moment here. (“I’m not only the President, I’m also a client.”)

    I have successfully used STAF services in the past and I am also a STAF grant editor. Sign up now and it is possible we could work together to find clear and inspiring ways describe your production and ideas.