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November 1, 2012, by

Five Ontario indie-slate candidates elected to CAEA council

by Aislinn Rose

Voting in the CAEA Council elections ended last night and the results are in.

Huge congratulations to five of our seven endorsed candidates in Ontario who ran as a slate promoting indie issues, improved communication between staff, council and the membership, and a re-examination of the role Equity plays within the performing arts ecology in Canada.

Those new Councillors are:


Hume Baugh

Mark Brownell

Kristina Nicoll

Vinetta Strombergs

Aaron Willis

Congratulations also goes out to the other two fine candidates elected to Council in Ontario: Nigel Bennett and Yanna McIntosh.

Here’s hoping that an Indie Advisory Committee is formed, allowing Brenley Charkow and Kate Fenton, our other two endorsed candidates to participate in a significant way. Jason Chesworth would also be an excellent addition to such a committee.

Full National CAEA election results can be found here.

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  1. Jason Chesworth says:

    I’m thrilled to see all seven of these members on the new Ontario Council! I voted for all 5 of those who were endorsed by Praxis though, as I mentioned in a previous thread, I did vote for myself and one Candidate with whom I often disagree. Nigel & Yanna are two members who I definitely do not disagree with (I absolutely support them) and I think that the membership is fortunate to be represented by so much experience at the table.

    In Nigel, Vinetta & Mark, we have previous Council experience. In Kristina & Yanna, we have experience from the production side and deep knowledge of festivals and repertory schedules. In Hume & Aaron, we get a very strong indie member/creator voice. And, most important, every single one of them have proven that they have the strength to speak up.

    Equity already has my contact info and those on Council are very familiar with my intentions. I’m more than happy to help them out with committee work. I even more happy that I’ll be serving on a committee under people who I can really work for (as opposed to fight with).

    My only disappointment with the election is voter turnout. 28% isn’t great. There is a lot of work to do, I’m willing to help Council, but now that the vote is over, it’s time for the membership at large to give their own counsel.

    I’m preaching to the choir on this page, I imagine. Praxis leads by example with communication and community outreach. The indie membership is the loudest of all.
    Congrats on a fine representation on Council! I have great faith in them all.

  2. Sebastian Marziali says:

    Thanks for all the posts Aislinn. Although I am not a memebr of Equity, I’ve found this issue affects me greatly nonetheless and I’m glad to hear that This fine group of artists can help the CAEA move forward and push to adapt to the shifting needs that arise in our industry. Cheers!