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January 2, 2013, by

Variation #53: Julia Lederer


“We were barely there. Our feelings could not be hurt because they lay elsewhere, off-campus, aurora borealis. I drew pictures of it on my binder, a smudge in a heart. A smudge and me in interconnecting hearts. Me and a smudge and a half human/half-smudge baby…What a terrible mistake to let go of something wonderful for something real.” – Miranda July, “Making Love in 2003”



Julia Variation Image


WITH LOVE AND A MAJOR ORGAN plays at the Next Stage Theatre Festival, Jan 2nd-13th at Factory Theatre: Studio (125 Bathurst) Click here for schedule and ticket information.

Directed by Andrew Lamb, Written by Julia Lederer, Featuring Robin Archer, Julia Lederer, and Martha Ross. Click here for more information and everything you need and want to know.
Julia Lederer is a playwright and actor who enjoys playing small instruments- for example, the mini-harmonica and the ukulele. She has always been drawn to the colour purple. Since the dawn of time, probably.

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  1. Julia says:

    That sound link really doesn’t want to work! Here’s another version- hoping this one does.

    Edith Piaf – La vie en rose (Officiel) [Live Version]

  2. okay. i put it in. it makes sound.

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