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March 8, 2013, by

2 Minutes with Greta

Greta chats with Laws of Motion actor David Tompa about working under the Artists Collective Policy.

3 Tips from David Tompa for Actors Working Under the CAEA Artists Collective Policy

  1. Have people involved who are not acting in the play. That way when the last week comes, the actors can put their efforts into acting and everything else that needs to happen will be taken care of by others.
  2. There is no room for divas. It’s a collective.  Everyone needs to help with everything.  You are all going to build and sweep and fold and mop.
  3. Remember that you love this.

Things will get rough.

Things will go wrong.

Mistakes will be made.

Just breathe and remember that you’re doing this because you love it and the people you’re with.

Laws of Motion directed by Chris Stanton runs until March 15th.  For ticket info click HERE.

greta praxis photoGreta Papageorgiu is an actor, teacher and director. She has taught and performed in Ontario, Quebec and Germany.  Her next class starts April 2nd at The Fringe Creation Lab. For details go to

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