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March 25, 2013, by

Variation #58: Carly Chamberlain


“But if we want to make it possible for more people to stay together forever—and I’m a fan of long-term relationships, and toughing out the rough patches, etc.—we need to change our expectations…If we’re not good at monogamy and we’re not wired for it… doesn’t it seem a bit nuts to make it the foundation upon which we build our relationships? So long as we insist on doing that, well, we’re asking for it.”

~ Dan Savage, “Divorced From Reality”




orposter0213Carly Chamberlain is Artistic Producer of Neoteny Theatre and director of the company’s debut production: Overruled by George Bernard Shaw & Romance by Neil Labute.
This rare pairing of two very different plays about love, lust, and infidelity runs March 28 – April 6, Wednesdays through Saturdays at Red Sandcastle Theatre (previews Wednesday, March 27). Tickets are available for $10-$15 and tickets can be purchased here.

In celebration of World Theatre Day, the first twenty audience members to arrive for the Wednesday March 27th preview will gain free admittance.

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