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August 8, 2013, by

SummerWorks 2013 Online Trailers

by Michael Wheeler

The Summerworks Festival has begins today here in Toronto. Already, I am definitely not going to be able to make it to everything I want to see. The lineup of “crazy-ass shit” is pretty phenomenal.

To aid you in your picks, here’s some trailers by companies that are really on top of their marketing and producing, and thus have created short exciting video trailers for their productions:

Camilla’s Bones

Enough Rope

girls! girls! girls!

How Can I Forget? A Multimedia Dream


The Art of Building a Bunker or Paddling the Canoe of My Self Down the River of Inclusivity and Into the Ass of the World

for me?

Holy Mothers


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  1. Challenge:
    1 Watch all 6 trailers
    2 Contemplate that this is less than 10% of the work going on at SummerWorks.
    3 Say out loud, “This doesn’t provide tangible results, which contribute to Program objectives; provide the best possible value for money; and meet the needs of Canadians. What we really need is a Walk of Fame Festival!”

  2. kate alton says:

    If anyone is interested in other SummerWorks trailers after seeing these, check out ours for Heidi Strauss’s new duet, ‘for me?’

  3. Thanks Kate – I’m adding it to the post. If there are any others, leave them here and I will do the same. Break legs to all involved!

  4. And here’s another SummerWorks trailer, for our production of Utopia: