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February 12, 2014, by

#HatchTO takeover on

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This April the four #HatchTO 2014 residencies at Harbourfront Centre will begin, taking over their Studio Theatre. Over the course of the next three months, all four #HatchTO projects will take over this digital space with their experiments.

Posts will be in all forms and sizes through writing, video, images and embedded social media tools. Starting next week, to see what each company has been up to, click their project images in the sidebar on the right to see the most recent posts by each one.

This is a big change to how has operated previously. We hope for the next few months this will make a place where people interested in how social media-integrated experiments can evolve, and will continue to check-in to see how things are developing.

When April arrives, and each residency is in-house at The Studio Theatre, this site will become a platform where various live-tweeting and other integrations as-will-be-necessary can be found.

#HATCHTO 2014: Welcome to the Theatrosphere.

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