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January 27, 2012, by

Variation #44: Tahirah Stanley


“Being realistic is the most common traveled road to mediocrity.”
~ Will Smith




Tahirah Stanley is an actor/activist in Toronto. She is also the Founder/Project Coordinator for a project called Theatre for Peace. Theatre for Peace is a project that seeks to empower youth, ages 14-18, through the performing arts (acting, singing, dancing, spoken word etc). Over the course of the past 3 months the youth worked with professional artists to develop monologues, dances, songs etc. All of the pieces were then compiled and put together to make a show; OUR STORY.

OUR STORY is a play that is written and performed by the Theatre for Peace participants. It is about their experiences with love, defeat, violence, friendship, and discovery, among many other things. Through OUR STORY you will get a glimpse into the lives of these young people through the dramatic retelling of the issues they face and the joys they find being a young person in today’s society.

Our Story will be taking place today @ 2:30pm @ 60 Rowena Drive. Check out the poster for more information.

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