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June 30, 2012, by

Miss the fundraiser? Last chance to donate

A couple of guests who passed out early - Image by Aislinn Rose

Recently we held a fundraiser at the home of one of our generous donors, Irfhan Rawji, and we’d like to take a moment to offer thanks. We had an amazing line-up of artists and performers from our community, and want to thank everyone who attended, volunteered, created art, played music, or sent us good tidings.

When we began planning our fundraiser, we also set up an IndieGoGo page for people who wished to contribute but couldn’t attend. That campaign ends at 11:59pm on Tuesday, July 3rd.


We are currently preparing for a national tour of the award-winning You Should Have Stayed Home, but we’re also looking for help from our readers with our less obvious activities: with your assistance, Praxis Theatre will be able to continue the work we do with, as well as our performative experiments with social media and live audiences.

These projects take time and resources, your donation will allow us to have the tools and the time we need to continue with this experimentation.

Fundraiser gallery images by Dennis Hanagan unless credited otherwise.

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